Handwork is a subject that is dearly loved by children at The Juniper School. The children spend months working on one project and learn skills such as knitting, embroidery, and hand spinning. However, Handwork does not simply teach these old crafts, but rather it teaches qualities such as determination, persistence, and patience. Children learn to take pride in their work and to develop self control as they spend time each week on their handwork. Furthermore, handwork develops hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and neural connectivity. 

The Handwork Curriculum

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Foreign Language

At The Juniper School children in Grade One and up have a foreign language at least twice a week. As our school grows, we will offer two different languages during our Special Subject blocks. We want our children to develop personal and positive relationships to other forms of speech and culture. Language teachers at The Juniper School create a living language environment by introducing songs, games, stories, recitations and culture into the curriculum. 

Foreign Language Article

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Beginning in Grade One students at The Juniper School play a musical instrument daily.

Let There Be Music by Andrew Lyman