Board of Trustees


Jenny Floch: Born in Paris, France.
Emigrated to the United States in 1941.
Graduate of the Rudolph Steiner school in New York and High Mowing school in New Hampshire. Master of fine arts from Alfred University, New York state College of Ceramics.
Studio potter for 60 years, graphic designer for 30 years.
Exhibited throughout the United States and internationally.
Founded  a study group for anthroposophy 45 years ago.
Served on the Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society for 16 years.
On the board of several organizations, notably Simply Living.

Emily Roesser: Parent, Board Member Studied Business Administration and Entrepreneurship 15+ years Customer Service and Administrative Work

Jennifer Lawson: Parent, Board Member Bachelor of Art in Women's Studies, The Ohio State University Master of Library and Information Science, Kent State University

Nicole Graf: Parent, Teacher, Board Member Bachelors Early Childhood Education, Miami University Masters of Education, University of Minnesota Duluth

Kate Curlis-West: Parent, Teacher BA in English from Ohio State University Peace Corps Thailand Returned Peace Corps Urban Teaching Fellowship/DePaul University, Chicago MA in Special Education, St. Xavier University, Chicago

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Qualities of School Board Members

  1. Demonstrate a commitment to Juniper’s mission.

  2. Be engaged in a personal practice of self-development.

  3. Work in harmony through a commitment to the consensus decision making process and its methods.

  4. Be able to attend regular meetings.

  5. Be able to contribute legal, organizational, financial, community development, artistic, and other expertise.

  6. Be willing to exercise discretion and confidentiality in sensitive matters concerning the activities, decisions, and discussions of the Board.


School Board Meetings are open to the public. Please email any member if you are interested in the time and location. We are also happy to make meeting minutes available by request.