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AGES 3-6

The Juniper School offers a rich, natural rhythm for the children. We’ll begin each day in the garden enjoying the outdoors in all weather. When we enter the classroom for circle time, snack, indoor play and art, there is a quiet hum of activity.  Developing meaningful relationships and working with conflict are at the core of our time together at The Juniper School.

Our early childhood classes offer daily outdoor and indoor play as well as art, cooking, music and friendship.  Children should be three years old and out of diapers during the day.

Wonder: We hold true that children grow and learn through joy and discovery. The children are the ones who ask the questions. Teachers provide stimulating and interesting experiences.

Environment : We create an outdoor and indoor space that can encourage growth and become the children’s third teacher. Sustainability and connection to the environment are at the core of our program.

Respect & Reverence: We work in respect and reverence for the basic goodness of children and the world they live in.

Childhood: We build wholeness and self-reliance by protecting the essential quality of childhood. We introduce challenges progressively to encourage initiative and self-direction in our students as they grow. Young children are master imitators. Teachers strive to be worthy of imitation, focusing on completing even the most simple tasks with purpose and joy.

Academic Study: We provide children with models of rich language, quality stories, songs and rhymes. We also work to foster an appreciation for listening and awareness.

Community/Parents/Families: Parents are truly the child’s first teacher. We respect the dignity of each person and aspire to be a diverse, healthy, collaborative and compassionate community

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