Our Philosophy

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Our Vision

At The Juniper School we believe in the innate goodness of children. 

An honest, unaffected love from teachers and the rhythms of the natural world create a culture where children can relax and enjoy their childhood. 

Children at The Juniper School truly know themselves; they grow into strong, resilient and empathetic human beings.   


The Juniper School is an independent not-for-profit private school in Columbus, OH. We currently serve 0-3 year olds in our Caregiver/Child Classes, 3-6 year olds in our Early Childhood and Kindergarten, and Grade One to Grade Four in our Grade School. We are committed to adding one grade each year until we are a full pre-K through Grade 8. Our School Board of Trustees and Faculty are working towards gaining membership in WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America) and AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools of North America).

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The Juniper school is growing, shifting and emerging from a small preschool into a full preschool and elementary. As the school grows, what can one expect to see and experience in the school and community? What are the essential qualities that are held dear?


1. PLAY- a joyful world of play and imagination are at our core

2. RHYTHM- the rhythms of the seasons, days and weeks are rooted in relationship with the natural world

3. EXCELLENCE- attention to thoroughness in all of our work, from children, teachers and community leaders

4. WHOLENESS + GOODNESS- children, adults and the world are essentially good

5. STRENGTH- as human beings, we are strong and capable

6. BEAUTY and MAGIC- the world of beauty and magic nourishes and inspires

7. A CULTURE of KINDNESS- we aspire to continually experience a culture of kindness


“The need for an effective, truly human education has never been greater than it is today. Our times call out for individuals who can recognize needs and bring right initiatives to the world. To achieve this, children need schools in which childhood is appreciated and allowed to unfold, and where capacities of imagination and intelligence, of courage and fortitude, of practicality and skill are gradually awakened, nurtured, and strengthened.”

-The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America