Join Us! Employment and School Board

Employment Opportunities

Currently we are hiring two early childhood assistants. These positions begin September 3, 2018 and end May 17, 2019.

Cover letter and resume are due now.

Job Descriptions:

Monday and Tuesday 8:00am-1pm

Monday – Friday 8:00am-1pm

We are looking for Assistants who have some experience or interest in learning about Waldorf Education.  

It is also helpful if these candidates are:

*receptive, open, soft, and happy to be in a supportive role.

*interested in cooking, dish washing, and other purposeful work.

*developing/actively works with themselves in a self-care modality  (yoga, meditation, art, exercise, etc)

We’ll ask that these teachers provide a high school or college diploma, are fingerprinted, and complete an online training course about child care licensing requirements.

If interested in this position, please email a cover letter and resume to Nicole by August 10, 2018 to


School Board Members

Dear Columbus Community,

The Juniper School Board is growing to support and hold the vision of our school as it grows.  Please consider volunteering your time and expertise.  We are looking for Board Members to commit to  2-3 years of monthly meetings.

At The Juniper School we believe in the innate goodness of children. 

An honest, unaffected love from teachers and the rhythms of the natural world create a culture where children can relax and enjoy their childhood. 

Children at The Juniper School truly know themselves; they grow into strong, resilient and empathetic human beings.  

Qualities of School Council Members

  1. Demonstrate a commitment to Juniper’s mission.
  2. Be engaged in a personal practice of self-development.
  3. Work in harmony through a commitment to the consensus decision making process and its methods.
  4. Be able to attend regular meetings.
  5. Be able to contribute legal, organizational, financial, community development, artistic, and other expertise.
  6. Be willing to exercise discretion and confidentiality in sensitive matters concerning the activities, decisions, and discussions of the Council.

If you are interested in serving on The Juniper School Board of Trustees – or curious about it – you are requested to email a brief statement of interest by August 15, 2018 to If you know others who may have interest, please share this information with them.

We also invite you to join us at our Community Night on August 16th 7-9pm to introduce yourself to the larger community. We’ll be at 636 Chase Rd. 43214.

What is the process?

After receiving your statement of interest we will be in touch with you to answer your questions. We will also introduce our shared principles, clarify roles and responsibilities.

Please know that our goal is to complete our process by the end of August 2018. A Board orientation will be provided this fall.

Thank you in advance for your kind attention to our invitation. 

With Much Appreciation,

The Current Juniper School Council Members

Kate Curlis-West, Beate Burns , Nicole Graf